Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing OnTrack Economics


My primary website is intended to help parents and teachers when dealing with dyslexic children, or with children struggling to learn to read. That website is OnTrack Reading in case you're curious. If you have such a child , or are dyslexic yourself, you should consider visiting that site.

However my other active interest is investing, and particularly the workings of monetary policy as it applies to economic activity and investing. So, I decided to start this blog, OnTrack Economics, to give me a place to explain what I've learned over thirty years of following monetary policy, economics and the investment world.

Just as OnTrack Reading has become a repository of much that I've learned over the past ten years about teaching reading, I have hopes that this site will become a repository for theories I've developed over thirty years regarding monetary policy and its impact on the U.S. economy and its markets. I am reasonably confident that readers with an interest in economics and investing will find what I write here to be useful.

Unfortunately this blog setup doesn't appear to allow the placement of permanent content in a segregated area on the blog. For that reason, I will try to use the LABEL section to identify various posts, as follows:

Meaning of Label Titles

Essential: Posts labeled "Essential" will contain information that I consider essential reading if you are to understand how this blog is organized. They should all be read to get the full use of this site.

Priority: Posts labeled "Priority" will contain what I consider ideas that have permanent application. They should be read in sequence from oldest to newest to gain a complete understanding of my views on monetary policy and economic consequences of that policy.

Other labels will possibly be incorporated as this blog develops, or I might try a different way of organizing the permanent content. I'm hoping that by using the label function in this manner I can offer readers a way to browse through the content they desire to read without having to read page after page of blog posts.

Use of PDF Files

Occasionally I will link to a PDF file containing a more formal write-up of my thinking in certain areas, or possibly to various communications I've had with various financial publications, etc. Because this site does not allow the uploading of PDF's, I will upload them to my other website at and link to them from here. This is why you will see as the source of the PDF when you are asked whether you want to open the file.

A Word of Warning

If you've read this far, you've no doubt noticed that I get pretty wordy. That isn't likely to change.

I look forward to an exchange of ideas.


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